Friday, 24 August 2007

I've got ho's....

I really don't know where to start in terms of work drama so I'll just start with the most recent shit. I don't particularly like working in my office at all. I've realized that people in Vegas arent like NYers. They like to be all up in everyone's biz and make their biz everyone else's biz. I can't stand that and I've gotten to the point where I only go out with the group just to see what the fuck is gonna go down once they get enough drinks in them. I'm never disappointed.

Last week we all went out to celebrate Boston's bday. Now if you know me, I do not turn down free drinks. I've never done it in the past and I won't let my hatred of this girl stop my from getting my drink on. So we were all out and out of nowhere, she smacks Meathead in the back of the head (hard) for no reason. It would also be important to note that I personally think she's trying to fuck him (shocker), so any and all attention she can get is only good for her. So the night goes on and we all leave to go to local bar when I decide that, having to see Boston on an 8 hour/5 day basis, that I don't really want to meet them at the local spot. I come to find out that at the local bar, Boston proceeds to get (or already was) really hammered and decides to start crying about how she doesn't understand why I don't like her and all this other bullshit. The best part of this sage is that I WASN'T EVEN THERE. I didn't go because I do not like to hang out with people I don't like and if I'm out of the office, there is no reason for me to be nice to her. Well this only starts the shitstorm I've been dealing with for the past week.

I'm not the type of person where I feel that everyone has to like me. If you don't like me, or I don't like you, we work together and that's it. When you start crying to people I also have to work with that you're upset because you don't know why I don't like you, it becomes my problem. Now it is. Much like the old Scarface Saga, I am now dealing with a crazy bitch that flies off the hanmdle when she has too much to drink whether I'm there or not. I haven't sat her down yet and said anything to her because I know what will happen if I do: I'll get fired. I'm not good at hiding the way I feel about someone, especially if I don't like them. So I have to pretend to play nice with her in the sandbox just so I don't get in trouble. Isn't that some bullshit?

So anyway, she goes nuts last week in front of everyone, and now I'm to blame. To be honest with you, I really don't give a shit. I don't want to get fired, and I doubt I will....but the "perception" is that I'm the one making Boston miserable because according to her, I'm just evil. Whatever. She's just nuts if you ask me, but again, that's just my opinion. I havent spoken to her about it yet because she's gone, but I will make it a point to have a little sit down with her when I have a chance.

I swear, everyone out here is nuts. I feel like I may be the only sane person.